The Saskatchewan Livestock Association (SLA) is a non-profit service organization that was formed in 1975; replacing the former Saskatchewan Livestock Board. From 1975 - 1987 the main activities of the Association were to provide administration for the Saskatchewan Cattle, Horse, Sheep and Swine Breeders’ Association’s; to arrange and coordinate the Annual Livestock Convention (including presentation of honour scrolls); and sales management of the Regina Bull Sale. The Provincial Government provided substantial consulting and financial assistance for administration and approved projects.


Since 1988 the SLA has undergone a number of major changes. The Association was forced to become self-sufficient in each of the program areas and to look for new avenues of development. One of the first new programs was a contract with the Federal Government to provide data processing for the Federal/Provincial Record of Performance programs and an Extension contract with the Provincial Government. From that point the SLA evolved into a number of data processing and management programs, as well as providing a much broader range of administration services, along with desktop publishing. The following is a brief outline of the main organizations and programs the SLA is working with in 2019:


Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference

- co-host the annual Convention held in January, including presentation of honour scrolls.

Saskatchewan Angus Association

- general administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports), promotion and publication of

The Angus Edge.

Canadian Shorthorn Association

- general administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports etc.).

The Canadian Shorthorn Report

- co-publish the Canadian National Shorthorn Magazine including design, layout and management of their business office.

Canadian Junior Angus

- work with the Board of Directors to coordinate their activities and to provide guidance to the Board.

Canadian Angus Foundation

- work with the Board of Directors in the Executive Director capacity, implementing their programs and providing administrative services.

Regina Spring Steer & Heifer Show

- general administration and assistance at the show

Saskatchewan Charolais Association

- general administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports etc.).


We also design and distribute various Sale Cata­logues and promotional materials.


Belinda Wagner, General Manager   Ph: 306-757-6133   Fax: 306-525-5852   sla@accesscomm.ca

Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8