The Saskatchewan Livestock Association (SLA) is a non-profit service organization that was formed in 1975; replacing the former Saskatchewan Livestock Board. From 1975 - 1987 the main activities of the Association were to provide administration for the Saskatchewan Cattle, Horse, Sheep and Swine Breeders’ Association’s; to arrange and coordinate the Annual Livestock Convention (including presentation of honour scrolls); and sales management of the Regina Bull Sale. The Provincial Government provided substantial consulting and financial assistance for administration and approved projects.


Since 1988 the SLA has undergone a number of major changes. The Association was forced to become self-sufficient in each of the program areas and to look for new avenues of development. One of the first new programs was a contract with the Federal Government to provide data processing for the Federal/Provincial Record of Performance programs and an Extension contract with the Provincial Government. From that point the SLA evolved into a number of data processing and management programs, as well as providing a much broader range of administration services, along with desktop publishing. The following is a brief outline of the main organizations and programs the SLA is working with in 2007:


Saskatchewan Cattle Breeders’ Association

General administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports).


Saskatchewan Horse Breeders’ Association

General administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports) including administration of the 50-50 Sale & Futurity.


Saskatchewan Swine Breeders’ Association

General administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports).


Saskatchewan Livestock Convention

Host and coordinate the annual Livestock Convention held in January, including presentation of honor scrolls.


Saskatchewan Angus Association

General administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports),

promotion and publication of The Angus Edge.


Triple ‘A’ Bull Development Centre & Sale

Provide data processing and develop/type set advertising, posters and catalogues.


Canadian Shorthorn Association

General administration (meetings, accounting, annual reports etc.).


The Canadian Shorthorn Report

Co-publish the Canadian National Shorthorn Magazine including design, layout and management of their business office.


Canadian Junior Angus Association

Work with the Board of Directors to coordinate their activities and to provide guidance to the Board. We also have been designing and distributing various Sale Catalogues.


Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference

This conference fully offers the sharing of knowledge and networking opportunities.  A full schedule of speakers and event details can be found on the conference website at www.saskbeefconference.com


Belinda Wagner, General Manager   Ph: 306-757-6133   Fax: 306-525-5852   sla@accesscomm.ca

Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8